Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns Growth Strategy

Together, we can shape Cairns for the future

About Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns

The Towards 2050 Growth Strategy will shape a prosperous, resilient and sustainable future for the Cairns region by planning our growth up to 2050.

The Towards 2050 Shaping Cairns Growth Strategy project will undertake the following 12 technical studies:

  • Housing strategy
  • Centres and employment land study
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Landslide risk assessment
  • Storm tide risk assessment
  • Erosion prone areas risk assessment
  • Bushfire risk assessment
  • Neighbourhood character study
  • Scenic amenity study
  • Community infrastructure plan
  • Transport infrastructure and network planning review
  • Rural land study

Community Engagement

How you can get involved

We have planned the Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns project to make sure we are talking to the community as we take each step.

Phase 1 of the community engagement, which recently finished, included an online survey, pop-up events and a number of activities to let people know about the project.

Council is committed to early, comprehensive and ongoing engagement with the Cairns community. There will be more opportunities for you to participate and help shape the future of Cairns.

The next phase of community engagement is expected to run from late January 2023 to June 2023.

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