Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns

Cairns is a popular place to live and work, and our population will grow even more in the coming decades.

Council’s Towards 2050 Shaping Cairns project is planning for this growth now, to make sure everyone can live here and enjoy what we love about Cairns today.

Growing Well in Cairns: Shaping Tomorrow

Watch short videos on urban planning topics, ideas that are driving our approach to growth for Cairns. Share with us your thoughts on these topics.

Project phases

The Towards 2050 project will be delivered in four phases with community engagement at the centre of every step we take.
  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Phase 1: Commit and get ready (Oct - Dec 2022)

    This phase will seek to understand what makes Cairns special; explore the community's hopes for the future and formulate Vision and Growth Strategy Framework.

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Phase 2: Identify and assess (Oct 2022 - Aug 2023)

    refine the vision for the future of Cairns.

    Capture input to inform the technical direction which will shape our growth options.

  • Timeline item 3 - active

    Phase 3: Shape the strategy (Sept 2023 - Dec 2024)

    Develop scenarios for growth and evaluate against community's feedback and guiding principles.

    Develop Draft Growth Strategy

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Phase 4: Finalise Towards 2050 Growth Strategy (Jan 2025 - Apr 2025).

    Finalise Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns Growth Strategy

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