Members' Page

All online engagement activities for Community Panel members are hosted through the private page.

About the Panel

Cairns Regional Council is committed to meaningful and effective community engagement throughout the Towards 2050 Shaping Cairns project.

Between May and June 2023, Council commissioned independent non-profit organisation, The Sortition Foundation, to recruit members for a new Towards 2050 Community Panel.

The Panel is a forum for the project team to ask questions and have discussions with diverse group of Cairns community members on the issues that come with planning for growth.

A total of 766 Cairns residents registered their interest in being part of the Panel, and 350 community members were independently selected. The chosen Panel members reflect the diversity of the Cairns community, creating a ‘mini Cairns public’. The Panel includes people from different walks of life, demographics, backgrounds and interests.

Panel members will play an active role in helping Council understand the wants and needs of our whole community. Their input will help us consider what's important to our current and future residents, so we can shape our growth in a positive way.

All 350 successful members of the Community Panel have now been contacted.

Panel activities

Community Panel members will be actively involved until Towards 2050: Shaping Cairns is complete in late 2024. Panel members will:

  • join an online hub
  • be asked to give feedback on key topics, issues, and priorities relating to the project
  • be invited to take part in various engagement activities relating to the project.

Staying involved

If you are not a Panel member, you can still take part in the Towards 2050 engagement process.

There will be lots of ways for everyone to have a say through surveys, discussions and face-to-face activities.

Keep up to date with the project on this web page. If you haven’t already, please register to follow the project and register to receive project updates.