Shaping tomorrow

Throughout the Towards 2050 engagement program you have told us that you wanted to know more about the key concepts planning practitioners use to determine where and how we can accommodate growth. This activity introduces the foundation concepts we need to be thinking about to grow well in Cairns and invites you to share your views on each topic. Through a series of 8 short videos and questions, you will explore key concepts that planners are thinking about to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits of growth while protecting the things we love about our city.

Watch as many of the videos that are of interest to you and answer the questions to share your views with us.

We encourage you to be part of shaping a whole-of-community conversation on growing well in Cairns. Share these videos with your family and friends or strike up a conversation at your next BBQ or fishing trip.

Towards 2050 Community Panel Members: The videos and questions will be familiar to you as they were part of the activity you completed earlier this year. Feel free to rewatch the videos or share them with your family and friends.